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Megan Wade

On the guys - really? I hate the Jesse St. James character. He's just smarmy, and it annoys me that the show's writers let Rachel not only fall for him but get pushed around by him so much.

I was also really disappointed by that last hallway scene in this episode - you have this whole episode about female empowerment, and the last piece of dialogue on the matter basically reinforces the concept of women as property, with one guy recognizing the transfer of ownership to another guy: "I'll stay away from your girl." It made male ownership the only issue, with Rachel's preferences left out. I thought that was pretty lame.

But, as usual, all of the numbers were really fun, especially the closing number.

Marissa Flaxbart

I don't think we're supposed to like Jesse St. James! He's smarmy and probably a mole. But I have a kind of choir-nerd crush on him, or at least the part of me that is kind of like Rachel does.

I agree about the "your girl" thing, but I was too high on showchoir to notice it at the time. If we're going to get serious about the episode's feminist message, I'd say that the very idea that Madonna is THE representative of female empowerment is flawed. Madonna sang "Express Yourself," but she also sang "Material Girl." Taking charge sexually is more the message they were tapping into, and Madonna was important to that kind of female empowerment. That makes sense it terms of Emma's storyline, but less so that of the kids. In my opinion. :)

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