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Orlando Gonzalez

There was a huge amount of deadpan style of songs that came out in the 80's during the whole new wave era. This Kimya just sparked my nostalgia of how much I enjoyed the haunting flat toned style of singing. So comcast chimed in a few years later ... so what?? Every style is cyclical, give the deadpan followers some time to perk up.

PS The whole EMO movement .... was actually based on Emo Phillips, an 80's comedian whose schtick was being very depressed, sad, and drug out his vowels during his routine .... all while sporting pale skin and long dark hair. Look it up if you dont believe me.

Marissa Flaxbart

I think that's fair. I actually don't harbor any ill will toward Ms. Dawson - she's pretty original. I just bristle at how cool Comcast is trying to be! Not only with this commercial, but with the whole campaign.

Also, I did know about the Emo Philips thing. I always loved him on Dr. Katz! That is a very fun fact, to be sure.

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